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Halloween Show by Learners at Columbia Middle School

Learners from Columbia Middle School put together a Halloween show at the Columbia Middle School, highlighting their perspective of the American tradition. Noemi Lovera and Priyam Goyal, tutors with Vision Literacy, scripted and directed skits that spoke about Trick-or-Treat, Jack-o-Lantern and the Irish legends associated with Halloween. They also prepared a little Halloween quiz for… Continue reading Halloween Show by Learners at Columbia Middle School

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A Study Of The English Language

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The English language can be confusing, especially to foreigners who are learning it. The following curious anecdote has a good illustration regarding this, and it also contains an ingenious collection of words:

A Frenchman, while looking at a number of vessels, exclaimed, ‘See what a flock of ships!’ He was told that a flock of ships was called a fleet, but that a fleet of sheep was called a flock. To assist him in mastering the intricacies of the English language, he was told that a flock of girls was called a bevy, that a bevy of wolves is called a pack, but that a pack of cards is never called a bevy, though a pack of thieves is called a gang, and a gang of angels is called a host, while a host of porpoises is termed a shoal. He was told that a host of oxen is termed…

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Tooth Fairy (American Traditions) – Audio Lesson

Losing a tooth can be a scary experience, so it’s no surprise that parents throughout history have created rituals to celebrate this rite of passage. In the United States, children who leave a newly lost tooth under their pillow know to expect a nocturnal visit from the Tooth Fairy, who might leave a shiny quarter,… Continue reading Tooth Fairy (American Traditions) – Audio Lesson